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Horizons Unlimited Gathering in Va.

we just returned from the Horizons Unlimited Gathering in Appomattox Va. Unfortunately it conflicted with Sidecars in the Smokies and that was a “bummer “.  We had a registration from last year when we were visited by Florence and had to cancel. It was truly one of the best gatherings that we have attended. The presentations, choice of topics, and speakers were outstanding.  For those not familiar with this group it is composed of Adv riders from around the world, although most of those in attendance were from the USA.  There were many presentations on travel, gear, packing, and a lot of related topics. Several presentations were for and by women riders which Ruth found both interesting and relevant. Unlike a lot of other gatherings, the focus was on travel, mental attitude, dealing with issues and crisis, and less about the bike.  Appomattox itself was highly historical with civil war museums, Appomattox Courthouse and the battlefields. HU was scheduled to hold a gathering in the fall at Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge but the new ownership seems to have other plans for the use of the facilities. If you would like more information about the group, simply google “Horizons Unlimited “ and I’m Sure their website will come up. I will post a few pictures of the event later today. Ride safe and have fun!

Sounds like a good article in the Sidecarist coming up... Looking forward to that and the photos!

Thanks Tom. I don’t think an article is in the offing on this one. It’s one of those things that you have to experience to appreciate.  How was sidecars in the Smokies this year? Anxious to hear. Understand Ironhorse is sold. Are they still planning an event for next year?