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HOME Page/The Map

Thank you for the nice photo of Joyce and her rig on the home page. ..

Went there in search of vendor/installer info. I know there are other pressing issues at this time, but, Is The Map devoid of information for all the States, or just CA?
Thanks, gp

Thanks for the heads up Gail. We'll have to do a little digging to find the developer who worked on it last. Joyce didn't leave us any info on that but I'll get started and we'll solve it as soon as possible.

Thanks. Al:
The installer vendor page is a nice resource.
Good luck.

Just an update at this point...

We've contacted the developer who worked on the MAP the last time it was broken. We don't have results yet but it is being worked on. I'll let you know when things are back up and running.

cool - thanks.

Gail [and everybody else],

The Map is up and working again!

Wow!.. very nice - thanks,
g, and everybody else, 🙂

Thanks to Al and everyone that has been working on our problems. J.R. Tex rep.