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Highway you got to try if you are nearby

California state hwy 36 Fortuna (on the pacific coast to Red Bluff in the valley. This is like the Deals Gap only longer. 130+ miles of a twisty highway that follows the lay of the land through mountains, grassy oak covered hills and into the Sacramento Valley. Start out either end and watch the weather change from Hot inland to cool on the coast.

The top of that run, Highway 96 from I-5 just south of the Oregon border to Eureka and back on 36 to Red Bluff is a gas too. That Scenic Byway along the Klamath River goes from even with the river to way above and down by the river again with lots of twisties. Beautiful road.


That whole area is just shot through with great riding. My favorite: FS1 from 199 just west of where 96 joins 199. It goes all the way down to 36. Paved all the way and at the top of the world.

Highway 96 along the Klamath River...OH YES..! I forgot that one. Beautiful road when I took it May '05. No traffic to speak of in mid-day. Stopped at Lost Coast Brewing in Eureka. Then moteled it and back on 36 through Red Bluff past Lassen to Susanville and home to Reno. Real nice ride. 199 is a good on also but more RV traffic on it.


I agree the whole area has lots of good roads. Just be aware there are forest fires that happen in the Trinity Alps.
I have been through that area several times with The Range of Light Gypsy Tour by the Nor Cal BMW club. Many years ago the beginning of 199 just outside of Eureka was a corkscrew of turns but not anymore. A new road was built in the late 60's early 70's and the old road was used for sports car races.