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Hi flow oil pump

I got a 2019 Harley soft tail FXLR.  With the purpose of putting a motivation spider ( one of the very last ones) sidecar on this bike.  So I had a high flow oil pump( screaming Eagle) to help keep running cooler.  Along with a 3 deg. Tree and a 65 profile rear tire instead of a stander 70.  Well today I road it about 45 miles one way and when I stoped at a stop lite the engine ideally at about 10 sec. Then jumped a 1000 and when on one cycled and I smelled oil ( that the peraid mod. Now the shop knows what I plane to do so I’m hoping they programmed the computer for that. Rudyr

SE so called high flow oil pump has not one thing to do with running cooler. Early 2019 oil pump has an issue with the sump the 4th attempt by HD to fix it was the pump they came out with in the 2019 running change . Anyone that told you it would run cooler was running a scam you on you.

Sumping was not much of an issue in softails but is a serious issue if it shows up. Do your home work sumping will destroy the engine. If ignored.

Surging Idle speed is another issue all together.

There is no requirement to tune for the sidecar. If you do Cam  yes.  Get wild with exhaust and intake maybe depending no how  you go.

Dealership will not adjust your tune without a tuner and they are not cheap . Most dealers will require you use the all but worthless SE one.

Slow down a bit they path you are on will end up with you spending a lot of unneeded cash.


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