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Sydelines 145

The journal of the South Yorkshire Sidecar Club

July  2020

  Certain members of the club are getting increasingly fed up of this lockdown. Last month’s day meet at Ollerton was a welcome distraction. Many members have urged me to find another suitable venue to visit. This is so difficult. Lots of places we could visit, but there are no facilities open to the public. Mainly toilet facilities. For us blokes, this is not so big a problem. A bush, normally suffices. For the ladies, it’s really tough.

Another problem will be, when all restrictions are lifted, I can imagine a cavalry charge out of the cities. Everyone heading for the great outdoors. Not really for me.


I have checked out on the internet, quite a few of the local places that folk like to visit. Most of them are open to visitors. But all stated that toilet facilities would be closed.

So, I had a ride round to check them out for myself.

I visited Elsecar Heritage Centre, open for business and toilets open. Then on to Worsborough Mill. This was open too, with usable toilets. Then on to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. This place is completely closed down. Finally I rode on to “Cannon Hall” country park. This too was open with toilets. In fact this place was packed with visitors. Hardly a space in the car park. I might add, this day was the hottest day of the year, so far. 

So, what I can gather, is that most of the information placed on any of the websites that you may want to visit, is very much out of date.


Having said all that, on Monday, I along with Chris Wilson and Mick Harkin, Had a ride out to the market town of Selby. En route we met up with Mark Fowler. Maurice Horn attempting to join us, got himself lost somewhere along the way. The visit was not in the least remarkable. It rained nearly all of the time that we were there. It was just good to get out on the bikes and to feel the wind on your face.

I understand that a few days ago, one or two others from our club went again to the “Green Hut” café at Ollerton. Things here had definitely changed. Most of the tables were taped out of use. Thus making it less appealing for customers to visit.

One place that is to open on the 1st July, is the “Seaways Café”. This is the café where we all meet when we go to Thixendale. You can bet it will be packed to capacity on this day.

I am afraid such gatherings at this moment in time do not fill me with desire.

My plan, is to give it time to settle down. Then I might put toe in the water.


I have recently had word from John Hinde that the Fed rally is not yet cancelled, but there is serious doubt that the rugby club at Market Harborough will be able to accommodate an event the size of the Fed rally.

Whenever there is an easing of the lockdown, things may improve. Then our “FED” committee may organise some kind of low key event.

As I have stated, whenever I hear of any news. You will be informed.


Last months story from Bob Ratcliffe has jogged Trevor’s memory of days gone by.

A bit of history

I was a member of the “Sheffield Affiliated Motorcycles” back in 1981. It was a very good club. We had many runs out, and treasure hunts. One time I had to lean out over a bridge to get the clue. It was really good fun. One time I took my dad along. Then when he started telling stories from way back. All of the lads were around him soaking up the info. At that time I was riding an A.J.S. 250.



Some of you may remember Sydney”Mac” Dewsnap. Not so long ago, Mac was a very active member of the club. At the moment he is seriously ill in hospital. At one stage his condition was critical. Obviously at this time, no visitors are allowed, so all we can do is to get bulletins from his partner June.


We all are in need of something to make us smile, so here are a couple of photos of an abandoned sidecar project. I will not divulge the name of the designer in order to not cause him any embarrassment. I suppose at sometime or another, lots of us have put pencil to paper and designed our dream sidecar. Most never got any further.              

Hoping to see you in a field somewhere this year.  Regards John





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