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Help With Clutch Hand Problems

I have some difficulty with my left hand due to tendonitis, and the results of a surgery for Dupuytrens syndrome. Both of these are fairly common ailments for aging males. My hand is in pretty good shape, but the little finger tends to curl in, and I am interested in ways to reduce strain on it.

1. I am looking to buy an F650 CS with a Sputnik sidecar. Has anyone had success installing a device such as the Moose Easy Pull (M55500) or similar devices on this bike?

2. Are there other tricks or suggestions for reducing strain?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Dwight Gibb

Might be worth converting to hydraulic for a easier pull. I assume you are looking at the rig in Portland. Good luck looks very well setup. I I wasn't too big to ride the cs I would have bought it myself.

I've never heard of such a device before, but it looks cool. Quick google search shows a bunch of reviews for it on Amazon mostly very good-- LINK

We have gone to foot clutches, when we do this we have also some times depending on the persons needs gone to an electric shifter or put all of the brakes on a single control.
The rig you are looking at works really well, We built it for a customer in California for whom we built 14 rigs (since passed) he wanted us to sell it for him so we took it to a BMW national rally in Wyoming, on the way back we would take it off of the trailer (with his ok) and ride it. We rode it in many national parks and monuments. My wife really liked it and wanted us to buy it. We were not really in a position at the time for another rig so we did not. It ended up selling twice after that, the last person lived about 10 miles from us. He use to race motocross for the Huskavarna team back in the 1960's and 1970's but never really did street bikes, he thought maybe this would work out with his wife for a street bike. She was opposed so I then purchased it for my wife, we kept it for a year or so until a different bike came along for here. So it has had a lot of owners but not a lot of miles.
Jay G
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