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Help setting up my brakes


I tried disconnecting the cable at the sidecar only to find the rear pedal does absolutely nothing.
Only thing the rear pedal works is the sidecar As long as I don't use the rear pedal I can handle the bike ,but I am afraid I may need it so I cannot just disconnect it.
I know I could learn to ride ,not using the rear brake but it would be so much nicer if I could use it.
From your answer I am thinking I may only have one working caliper.

Your brake pedal on Goldwing operates left front caliper and rear brake. Front brake works on RH side front caliper.
Check brake fluid in rear brake master cylinder and make sure your brakes have no air in. Remember rear brake linked to front left. Check brake pads too.

Thanks .I will check this out .
Being new to a goldwing I still haven't figured out how to remove all this plastic ,but I am sure I will find some interesting things once I do.

If you are interested in a separate master cylinder for the sidecar brake, I have an Exile Cycles stainless unit with separated brake pedal (in tandem with cycle rear brake) that I had on a Kawasaki Vulcan.Motorvation rig. Works perfect. $100 plus shipping.

Mark at 253-219-3310

i already figured it out.
There was not a drop of fluid in the rear brake reservoir ,So all I had was a front brake and a sidecar brake .
That makes for a pretty scary ride if you're not used to a sidecar anyhow .