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Help setting up my brakes

I have a 2005 750 Honda Shadow Spirit with a DMC sidecar on it. I`m having trouble getting my brakes to work properly.

The sidecar has a (Brembo) brake that is plumbed into the front master and I can`t seem to get enough pressure to apply full brakes. I`m assume the volume / hydraulic pressure is not enough for the two calipers. My master cylinder has a 11 stamped on it.

It was recommended going with a different master or adding a 2 psi check valve. But what master cylinder??

What are your thoughts , ideas, recommendations?

I have same issue with my Goldwing. People have quite universally recommended that I unlink rear and front left caliper, and add sidecar to rear brake, and both calipers to front master. I know just enough about hydraulics to argue against that. It the master cylinder doesn't supply a big enough squirt for 3 caliper pistons(one for sidecar, bike caliper has 2 pistons) how would it ever work 2 caliper with a total of 4 pistons?!?!??

I'm going to install stainless brake lines first. If that does not improve my stoppers then I'll go with a master from an 1800 Goldwing. Once person said he bought a Brembo master cylinder, 18mm bore and that cured his issues

Has anyone installed a 14mm master? see the attached link

This post is about 6 months old and I hope, Markisaspy has solved his problems. Anyway, I 'd like to write some words.
It depends on how much surface the pistons of the sidecars caliper have. The 750 Shadow Spirit has a single brake rotor at the front wheel with a 11mm diameter master cylinder. Assumed, that the sidecar has a small two piston caliper with a piston diameter of 30 or 32 mm I would try a 14mm (9/16" ) master cylinder or maybe 5/8". There are alot of used masters on fleebay that would fit the Shadow's handlebar . Just make sure before buying that the donor bike has the same handlebar diameter.
I reckon the 9/16 should fit and the pressure point will be a bit on the soft and spongy side. The 5/8 master will be slightly too big, the pressure point will be hard and someone has to really take a grip.
Depending on what caliper is attached to the sidecar I would chose the master cylinder. 9/16 (14mm) for a small caliper, 5/8 for a bigger one.

I thought the sidecars brakes were supposed to be in the rear brake circuit.

Its been a while since we had a 750 shadow in the shop, I can not remember if it has mechanical drum on the rear or a disk. If it has a disk you can hook the brake up to the rear. You can also go with a master for the front from a bike set up for dual disk brakes. Your 11mm should work but will never feel as solid as it did with out the sidecar brake hooked to it.
Jay G
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rtbain - 7/1/2016 9:25 AM

I thought the sidecars brakes were supposed to be in the rear brake circuit.

Can be connected to font brake, rear brake or can be independent brake for sidecar right by rear brake pedal.

How about using a separate sidecar master cylinder? I have an excellent unit from Exile cycles that locates on the front strut with the brake level in parallel with the bike's rear brake and can be activated individually or in sync with the bike brake.
See "miscellaneous sidecar parts" for sale section.


I recently(9/02/16) bought A 96 Goldthing with an Astro 2+2 sidecar.
The sidecar hyd brake is linked to the rear brake pedal by a cable and is only for sidecar .
Front brake lever is for bike.
When I step on the rear lever the bike shifts violently to the right .
Is there a way to link the bike brakes and the sidecar brakes without spending a fortune.
I have been riding around a county park for two days trying to get the hang of it but am pretty sure it is a death trap

tilliepeople sounds like your sidecar grabs too much. Try to disconnect cable for sidecar brake and see what happens. Your brake pedal on Goldwing operates left front caliper and rear brake. Front brake works on RH side front caliper.

I tried disconnecting the cable at the sidecar only to find the rear pedal does absolutely nothing.
Only thing the rear pedal works is the sidecar As long as I don't use the rear pedal I can handle the bike ,but I am afraid I may need it so I cannot just disconnect it.
I know I could learn to ride ,not using the rear brake but it would be so much nicer if I could use it.
From your answer I am thinking I may only have one working caliper.

Your brake pedal on Goldwing operates left front caliper and rear brake. Front brake works on RH side front caliper.
Check brake fluid in rear brake master cylinder and make sure your brakes have no air in. Remember rear brake linked to front left. Check brake pads too.

Thanks .I will check this out .
Being new to a goldwing I still haven't figured out how to remove all this plastic ,but I am sure I will find some interesting things once I do.

If you are interested in a separate master cylinder for the sidecar brake, I have an Exile Cycles stainless unit with separated brake pedal (in tandem with cycle rear brake) that I had on a Kawasaki Vulcan.Motorvation rig. Works perfect. $100 plus shipping.

Mark at 253-219-3310

i already figured it out.
There was not a drop of fluid in the rear brake reservoir ,So all I had was a front brake and a sidecar brake .
That makes for a pretty scary ride if you're not used to a sidecar anyhow .