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Help posting photos...

I've been trying to post a photo, but when it appears in the post it is up-side-down???

...and if I rotate it before trying to post it (the picture) it still appears up-side-down.


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The same happens to me frequently, it is like post-editing never gets taken in account by the server or the forum software and always the original photo pixels out of the camera get used for presentation. The same strange thing occurs with all other forums I attend. So I stopped worrying.

Not for nothing my father used to say that I emigrated to the antipode. Just I still didn't get to down under yet, only walk on Kangaroo boots. May I get there some-when? My frustrated NSU Max project started with a jacket patch and the W800s with a Norton needle after I smashed my Norton, so perhaps Down under I might visit it some-when.
Don't worry be happy.

First, we don't have a fix for the upside down thing.
Second, if you click on the image and open it in a new window, it appears right side up. No, I don't know why.

lets see if this works.....

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Dave, that worked.
What did you do?

I moved some of my pictures from Windows 10 Photos to a C: drive folder. Let's see if this works... It did and very have a picture right-side-up. Thanks for the advice and information. Sometime we got to think outside the box.

Later, Bud....

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Bud, you got it working. 🙂

Here my test. The view out of the window today in the morning.
Even the poor volcano Poas needs to bleed off some pressure.;)
You know? Volcanoes too are only human. :O

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