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Help please? Can someone identify this older sidecar?

cross posted on the facebook USCA page.

Hi sidecar people. I'm making my first tentative move towards having a sidecar rig and am hoping you can help me. Recently acquired a 1949 BSA M21 with a lovely (rather delicate looking) sidecar. I would think its either Australian or UK made but I can not identify it. The rear suspension allows the chair to hang from the rear and there is a large leaf spring that runs perpendicular to the frame under the chair. there are coil springs under the chair on the front. Does anyone have any suggestions as to who manufactured it? If it helps, the motorcycle was originally dispatched from BSA factory to Taylor and Co in Adelaide.

many thanks in advance

here are some direct images

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I would think this is a very unique sidecar rig, especially if you are in the U.S.  I have no idea what brand the sidecar is, and if it is of about the same vintage as the bike.  Does it run?  Both the bike and sidecar appear to be in pretty good condition.

thanks Tax Man.  I found this on Hawaii island which is a bit strange because I can not think of a situation where an M21 with Aussie or UK sidecar ens up here.  You are right - she is a bit of a time capsule.  I fixed the non running mag and she started up after 3 or 4 kicks.  No idea if I'm even allowed to use it with the sidecar on the "wrong side".

I doubt there would be a law against using it with the car on the “wrong” side, it’s just not safe.  The whole idea of the pilot being close to the center of the road is for greater vision of what’s ahead.  You sure don’t want to pass a slow moving vehicle as you have to stick a lot of your rig into oncoming traffic before you can actually see what’s coming your way!

hi  i talkd to Fly about this.  he said it is called a canoe.  several  companies made one.  watsonian, bougar superior ,noxal.   try going to federation of sidercar club.  they can probably help.


tx. rep.



I agree with J.R.  It looks very British.  The folks in the Federation of Sidecar Clubs will be your best bet. They have a contact person - He will likely know who within the club to contact if he doesn't have an idea.

Will Short

Turns out it's a pre-war BSA rig.  Thanks to an answer on another forum - see below.


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