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Hello from Pittsburgh PA. burrrrrrrrrr but beautiful


Hi folks. I'm Rikki. I've been driving and riding motorcycles for 30+ years and in April added a 1978 1/2 Triumph Bonneville with sidecar to the fleet. What a hoot, I'm having a blast! I have no idea what make the hack is. It's small like a kayak. I started with 75 pounds of sand in the sidecar and 5,000 miles later I'm comfortable with or without weight and way ready for a new back tire. I'm keeping up with the big guys even in the turns but a lot of that credit goes to the Bonnee, it's a super motorcycle and fun fun fun!
Windshield question if I may? I just put one on the Triumph and have adjusted it 10 different times 10 different ways and still keep getting wind bursting up my right nostril only. If I lean between the shields on the motorcycle and WIND AT ALL. Could I be getting a dual jet draft between both wind shields? Bikers without a hack have no idea what I'm talking about. Any tricks of the trade to adjusting the motorcycle's windshield? If this is just a tech question, my apologies to the forum. I try to ride every day and our Autumn trees are spectacular and I'm ready to take the ?*#%" windshield off! Just want to say "HI" and I'm so excited to know there are so many more sidecar drivers out there!

hi rikki, im an ole man born in the maggei hospt. in down town pitts. in 29. grew up in bloomfield, area, eastliberty area. i still ride, now ive switched to a ural hack, deco classic. have 97 sporster im adding a hack to. last buy=t not least, im building a custom trike from a 73 flh. shovel. im busy, just hope to live long enough to finish. be fun to communicate. stay cool; hoopazoe.

Being in your 70's isn't's just becoming seasoned with style! I envy you creating and building motorcycles and in beautiful sunny California. I was born at Shadyside hospital but my children were all born at Magee hospital and it is still here, plus... we have a new Indian dealership in Bloomfield (Little Italy), Pittsburgh's first! That's where we got our 2002 Indian Chief Road Master. They are going to stay in business and sell Big Dog and Iron Horse as well as continuing to service Harleys and Indians. I have my eye on the 2003 Indian Chief with warrenty available though unless some investors step up to the plate and keep Indian alive. Stay well and keep in touch! ~ Rikki

The windblast you refer to is quite common on many sidecar outfits. The wind typically is coming off the side of the sidecar windscreen and hitting you on your right side. The wind up the nostril syndrome can be annoying especially as the weather turns cooler.
Taking off the sidecar windshield is one solution but may create some vocal concerns from the passenger. Moving the sidecar body to the rear on the frame is another 'solution' but may not be feasable on some rigs. This puts the wind blast behind you.
I have also seen, and built, some rather creative wind deflectors on some rigs. These can be attached to the sidecar windshield or between the hack and bike. To play around with something like this you can do a wind tunnel test. Of course the 'wind tunnel' itself will be the open road. Take a small piece of plastic, plywood or something and while riding move it around in different places (have the hack passenger work with you on this...tell them it may be necessary to help in order to keep the windshield on the sidecar)..and see if you can find that 'just right' place for it. If you do then it is time to figure out how to mount the darn thing. Kinda fun..may or may not work.,.and when done you will have a bunch of folks asking "what the heck is that thing?"(of course you could label it to cut down on questions).
Anyhow..Welcome to the world of sidecars..oh, you may be able to recognise an experienced sidecarist because his right nostril is usually bigger than his left one.
From central PA. 50 miles or so above Harrisburg. If you want help with the wind tunnel test shoot me an email.

Just happened to look at your 'profile' after doing that last post. The sidecar you have is a Velorex. Good match for the triumph!
Claude 🙂

Thanks Claude!
The info on the make of the sidecar is a bonus! The windshield I want to take the one on the Bonnee, not the sidecar. I'm going to fiddle with it again today. I have a halloween fog machine and your idea of the wind tunnel is very appropriate. Being an Artist, I need to "see" how that air is flowing through the space between the bike and sidecar. Another creative problem solving tast :o) I'm laughing about the right nostril...I'll have to do some sketches of that image. 50 degrees here in Pittsburgh......we're off to ride! Thanx again.~ Rikki

Maier, an after market windshield vendor, has wind deflectors available with clamps that attach to the sides of bike or sidecar windshields. They have a couple of sizes available and since they are composed of 1/8" acrylic, one could also use their clamps and design a spoiler that suited the purpose with a template and jigsaw. They are as close as your nearest J.C.Whitney Motorcycle accessories catalogue. Pictured on page 12 of the latest copy.

Bonus! Thank you kindly! I've been working all afternoon on fabricating a plexglass devirteor. J.C. Whitney furnished the WindShield! Thank you, I'm searching for the catalog right now! ~ Rikki

Another way to make a uh inexpensive 'diverter' is to use a piece of lexan or even a piece of an old windshield.(You could use darn near anything that is close to the same thickness of your windshield but clear is a good color choice). Anyhow the 'defelctor 'can be attached by using some large washers with a bolt and nut thru them between the windshield and the deflector. In other words neither the deflector or the windshield gets a hole drilled in it ..the large washers act as a clamp when the bolt are snugged up. (Why am I writing this nobody will make any sense of
Are we having fun yet?

RikkiShould you be intrested the City of Pittsburg is the home of the Keystone Sidecar Group dues are $12.00 per year FOR the Whole FAMILY saturday they had their thankyou members picnic in Dourseyville I was there along with my wife and daughter we had about 45 members show up but only 7 sidecar rigs Every third weekend in August we have our campout next year it will be on the 20-22 of 04 If your intrested call Harry Walter at 412-963-8327 or just show up at Kings restaurant in Harmerville at 9am on the 25th this month their monthly meeting