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2017 Champion Daytona 2+2 sidecar on my 2007 Gold Wing. The front light that came on the sidecar is nothing more than a turn signal and not very bright to be seen as just a running light. Any suggestions ??? I was told not to bother getting the headlight accessory with the hack because their location get them knocked off.

Thanks for you time,  Wayne Shunamon

If you do not want to go original: there are tons of aftermarket lights you may select from at any car or bike supplier.


You can probably change bulbs for more wattage. Be careful of 1) wire & fuse size, and 2) additional heat that might melt stuff.

I remove the bulb from the bike turn signal so cagers aren't confused with 2 right turn signals. I installed a marker light on the hack as a turn signal. Not only was it dim, but the wattage was so low, it didn't activate the bike circuit, and it acted like a burnt out bulb. (Yep, ever wonder why they flash funny? Check if they're burnt out.) I did some calculations, and discovered I needed a bulb exactly twice the wattage. Luckily, they made one right on, everything worked swimmingly. However- I personally wired all of it, know the wire size, switch capacity, fuse rating, because I put them all in myself. I'm an electrician and I know I did it right. If you want some help on that sort of thing, I'd be glad to, but I can't guess whether your plastic will melt. Going from a 5 to a 10 watt isn't a big deal, going from 35 to 70 might be.