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HD Sidecar Tonneau leak

I'm looking for information from someone who knows (or knows someone who knows)a good solution for preventing rain leaking into an HD Ultra Classic sidecar through the handgrip opening in the tonneau cover. The odd air flows set up by the fairing, fairing wind deflectors and the sidecar body aim a rivulet (river?) of rain water up and under the cover. My passenger is tiring of the moldy odor that results from a constantly damp carpet.

Move further south or get a pine tree freshener. Heh, Heh.
Sorry pal, I don't have an answer for you but just wanted you to know that someone did read your post.

Thanks for noticing. All my "friends" advise me not to ride when it rains, but what's the point in having a motorcycle in Oregon, then? Or Washington, for that matter. Still hoping someone out there has had similar problems they've been able to solve.