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HD sidecar tire.... HD front or Rear? or auto tire?

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When I checked with the HD dealer the answer I got was (copied from one of their bulletins):

"D402 PT bead lock tires may only be mounted on matching Harley-Davidson FXRP, FLHTP or FLHP rims."

Would like to give them a try on my FLHTCUI (Ultra), but they say I don't have the right rims/wheels.

That's very interesting post !
Does anyone know the answer to this?
I have a 87 heritage so I would assume that I could not use these tires if you need special rims that come on police bikes.

Well.............let me a 2001 roadglide thats a FLTRI no P with the factory spoke wheels and although there was some cussing comming from the shop when they were installing the 402PT on the rear wheel it did finally go on.The next time I see a police bike I will check it out if they have "special rims" I was told by the dealer that I go to that they are hard to install and once they are on you will work to get it off I told the guy at the counter at that point you see what my rear tires look like when I come in so break the bead and cut it off at that point I am done with that tire.The side walls are very stiff and thick,the rubber is suppost to be a hard compound I also tried to talk to Dunlop here in Western New York where the MC Tires are made and explain to them why I wanted some info. on this tire I was only refered back to the touring tires and told that these are what I should be using.As for installing it on a spoked rim I think I would pass on that I have seen a few rigs with loose or broken spokes to the rear rim.

For what it's worth - H/D Police bikes have the same tubeless rims as any other touring model.
I ride a Police bike both professionaly and for pleasure and believe me, there are no "secret Police rims" out there.
Now I have no idea why the dealer does not want to mount them unless:
* The service guys will revolt!
* He does not carry this tire and does not want to admit it and unless he
services the local Police bikes this is very likely the case.
* In todays lawyer driven world he feels that if he goes against the
service bulletin and something happens in regards to this bike/tire
combo that you will come back on him - this is most likely the reason.
See if he will just sell the tire to you and go have an independent shop mount it.
I see new take-offs on e-bay every week.
If not - looks like the twin-tire option from Jay might be the way to go.
It's funny how every dealer is different - but then I have an FLHPI (Roadking Police) so it's not an issue for me.
Happy Motorin'
Dean & Betty

I think that Dean hit the nail on the head abot being sued if anything goes wrong and the owner of the bike claims "FOUL PLAY"on the installer.
Producing a document stating police tires should not be installed on any other model other than the police models could lead to legal action against them.
The dealer may also be concerned with getting in trouble with HD at the corporate level for not following their guidelines.

I really think that the manual is only a starting point and you have to guide and regulate the individual plant. Dear Brother, I have the HD Bagger HD make-up and is set to face lean meat rather than how the manual says.

I will be giving you a call very shortly and ordering two.

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