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HD sidecar tire.... HD front or Rear? or auto tire?

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Any problem with traction because of the longer-wearing tire compound?

Thanks very much.

about the dunlop pt tires 402pt I find the 491 to out wear the the 401 and 402 have you compared the 491 to the402pt

harryho tennessee

Sorry for the long delay - just got back from 3 weeks in Germany.
About the traction - we also run these tires on our solo bikes at work and routinely drag the boards on tight, high-speed turns. Have never had a traction issue. Now I'm sure they are not as "sticky" as a normal softer tire, but for how we use them - and especially for a sidecar rig - they are great tires. I have had to lock the brakes on a couple of occations and they stop the bike just fine also.
Hope that helps!
Happy Motorin'
Dean & Betty

Have never tried the 491's.
My main reason besides the long wearing abilities of the 402PTs is the "run-flat" capability. I have actually let all the air out of my tires and I can still make it down the road on these - not fast mind you - but can still motor along, hopefully to the next town!
After a friend took a gutter nail through his rear tire and went down due to a blow out - he too, switched over to these because of the run-flat/tire stays on the bead design.
Happy Motorin'
Dean & Betty

I can vouch for the Dunlop 491 s doing a good job for us....but..Ya can't run 'em with no wind inside, BEEN THERE DONE THAT..IT DON'T WORK :=)
Claude (who is heading outside right now to fix a

I have run the 491 on the rear of my rig with good results aprox.6500 to 7000 miles on the rear skin.I followed a thread at SCT on the 402PT and thought I would give one a try.As stated above,the guys in the shop don't like to install them in Western New York either.I think I will try try a couple boxes of doughnuts to as suggested.To date I only have aprox. 900 miles on it so far to early to tell but I do like the firmer sidewalls the tread gauge shows no change as of yet to be continued.

I have been tracking this post and was wondering if I could use these police tires on my 87 heritage softail/lierty sidecar rig.
Since this bike has the horizontal shocks and one post mentioned if you
modified you shock air pressure, I wanted to be sure that I could use these tires with my rig.
I will need to change my rear tire next year and have not yet decided on my choice of options. Riding a hack 3 yrs+.
Twin tire from Jay at Dauntless?
Change my rear setup and have Harry make me a solid rim and use a car radial?
Dunlop police tire?
Any advice from you more experienced riders on which way to go? Thanks lenny

hdrghack (Chuck) stated he was getting ,what?, 6-7000 miles with the dunlop. Chuck has been in the sidecar game for many years so I think we can assume his setup is decent. He should, I think, increase the milage for his rear tire with the police tire or with the twin tire. How much? I have no idea. Maybe some others can comment here. These are both good options.
Lenny , I don't think you mentioned what tire you have run nor what milage you have experienced in the past. I would think the milage should be at least similar to Chuck's milage.
If you did decide to go with a wheel from Harry it would not be a bad thing. I think Harry mentioned running a 165R15 on the Harleys. This is a tire that is readily available as a rule..check it out. The last one we purchased was on sale at Pep Boys for 38 bucks! This is a far sight less expensive than the Dunlop and a little less than the Twin Tires. But..unless you plan to run the rig for enough miles to let the wheel pay for itself then it may be hard to justify. How many miles should you get with the 165? I don't know but there would be a difference. Maybe Harry would have a better handle on it. He IS a good friend and square shooter.
Please Keep us posted ..

I spoke with Harry the other nite to get some idea of price and time frame to complete the job. He is very honest and a knows his craft.In addition to running car radials(decreased cost/improved performance)Harry also mentioned that solid rear wheel should be more stable and stronger to handle the stresses that the spoked stock rim currently on the bike.
Iam running with Avon MKII and would have to say 6,500 miles is about right for the rear tire.
I avg. 5000/ year (have 3 young children/am one of two Docs in a busy
Family practice office) so riding time is limited.
That why I asked for in the info on the RON-DEE-VOO post.
Family activites and on call responsibilities limit my ability to attend alot of these rallies.
Thanks again Lenny

Harry mentioned speaking to you. I just was not sure it was you :-).
Claude 🙂

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