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HD sidecar tire.... HD front or Rear? or auto tire?

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Riding a 2002 FLHT with a HD hack. Problem is EXCESSIVE SIDECAR tire wear. I believe the toe in needs adjustment. I will have to look at that. BUT, the HD mechanic told me he believes the SIDECAR tire should be a REAR Tire, while mine is a front....? Thoughts? Also, I have heard about auto tires being used. thoughts again?
PS, bought a used 99 hack, had it installed 1400 miles ago. Tire was maybe a little less than "Half tread", after 1400 miles, NYLON THREADS showing....... sounds like EXCESSIVE wear to me! Bob

Check out the responses to my post a few items down ("Excessive Tire Wear"). Got some good responses to that. My FLHT rear tire is nearly through the tread at about 4200 miles (3000 with hack). My toe-in was 2 3/4". I changed it to about 3/4". I hope that helps but I probably won't know for sure till I put a new tire on an keep an eye on the wear.

Oops, sorry, I just noticed your tire wear is on the sidecar. You're more fortunate than me as it's much easier/cheaper to r2 a sidecar tire!!

The manual for my '99 Ultra says use a rear tire on it. Its printed on the outside sidewall by the rotation arrow whither its a front or rear. Your dealer might be able to order a '99 manual, if not, then check ebay. That will give you your toe-in and lean settings as well as installation and wiring.

Remember on the lean, have about the same weight on the bike that you ride with, including passenger and luggage. Otherwise you'll get a false reading when you check for square.

I've got a '94 HD Bagger with a '78 HD Hack and it wouldn't set up by the manual. This thing was all over the road and pulled hard to the right. It says 2 deg lean out and I ended up setting it up with 2 deg lean in and 7/8" toe-in. Which this winter, I'm giving it some more toe-in. I really think the manual is just a starting point and you have to do a ride and adjust for each individual rig. A good Bro of mine also has a HD Bagger with HD Hack and his is set up with lean in instead of lean out like the manual says. As far as tire wear goes, you've got a heavy bike with a heavy hack hangin' on the right side of it, and more than likely a load in the hack, I just deal with it. Just my .02, do I get change?

We have auto tires that will fit right on the stock Harley 16 inch wheels. They are called twin tires and can be seen on our web site They sell for $95 each.
Thank you.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation

I've got Jay's Twin tires on my rig front and rear. Now about 8000 miles on them with no wear visible!!! As soon as the sidcar tire is worn some more I'll be switching that one also.

Front tire - Dunlop D402F PT (PT = Police Tire)
Rear tire - Dunlop D402 PT
Hack tire - Dunlop D402F PT

These are an OEM item for Harley Police bikes - you will not find them listed in the Dunlop cataloge or on their web-site. Most Dunlop dealers will deny any knowledge of them because for the most part they really have not heard of them!
Most H/D dealers also won't know what this tire is unless they do the local Police business.
These are run-flat tires of a very hard, long wearing compound with an incredibly thick sidewall that prevents the tire from coming off the rim during a puncture.
The biggest side benifit is that they are a very long wearing tire - my front is just getting changed out with over 28,000 on it and I routinely get 15,000 on my pusher. The hack tire has never worn out!
Hope this helps....
Happy Motorin'
Dean & Betty
00 FLHPI w/hack
98 Ural w/hack

Dean & Betty
As noted by your post on(PT)the Front & Sidecar tires are the same.
That is how I always run mine.
The H-D Sidecar usually comes with a rear tire on it.

On the Police Tires with being very hard & a thick sidewall.
How do they ride?
What Hwy speed to you cruise at?
Have you modified your shocks?

I run the stock air shocks that came on the bike - and I usually run the rear set of shocks at almost a max pressure of 30lbs with 35 being max. Always run the front at 25lbs.
With the combination of the air-shocks and the air-ride seat (it's a bone stock Police bike) I have never had an issue with the ride.
As for our usual running speed - 70-75 is a pretty normal cruising speed on the slab for us.
I have found the price of the 402 PTs to be the same as the regular, but much shorter wearing, Dunlops. The service guys absolutely hate to spoon these things on - the sidewall is that thick. However I have also found that a dozen - or two - donuts for the boys in the service department is a very cheap way to get both good and fast service on my bike!
Happy Motorin'
Dean & Betty

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