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harley tleu allignment

Too much toe-in or too little will both eat tires. They just get chewed up from the other side. After you have the car fair rigged and aligned check the sidecar tire after a hundred miles or so for any indication of tread scuffing. If it has a center groove and there is a rounded edge on one side and a feathered edge on the other it will indicate whether you need a bit more or less toe-in. If both sides are wearing even you are in alignment.


I have the. +1 lean out and 3/4 toe and it it a little better. The car still leans +1 towards the bike but the frame is level at the axle. That seems odd to me. Also looking at the bike with my calibrated eye it looks to still lean in. Do I dare loosen those ubolts and. Put a jack under there to get the sidecar wheel perpendicular?

Might just be a visual. If the frame is level you should be OK. Remember when you are on a crowned road the rig will seem vertical. On a flat surface things look a bit awry.

Ride it a bit before going any farther with adjustments.


I took a little bubble level and the frame is level at the axle end, however the sidecar wheel is a full bubble off on the brake disc. Could the axle or spindle be bent or installed crooked? after the other problems io ahve had with this bike nothing would suprise me. We have decided whoever bought it took 30K mile trip and never maintained it then sold it. The guy that tore the motor apart questioned the odometer readings the engine was so bad inside.

Anyway I will ride it tomorrow and play with it some more, i should have listened to Claude and checked lean at the back disc before I rode it. it is 0 deg at the rear wheel so I may adjust it out again in the morning but it took an hour or so to get the toe right after I adjusted the lean before. I only adjusted the front mount for toe before and not sure if that was the right way ot not..

You might pick up a Harley sidecar manual on eBay and learn up a bit on the rig. They are pricey at the dealers.
From the sound of it you need to do a bit more adjusting.
Are you running maximum pressure (for sidecars) on your rear bike shocks?

Oh, if you use the Harley Manual specs. Forget about their lean in recommendations. They're left over from the Harley Hardtial Panhead days and don't seem to give you neutral straight line steering. The sidecars haven't changed much chassis wise since then but the old bikes had no rear suspension, but they did have adjustable triple trees for easier sidecar steering.


I have the manual, and spent all morning fooling with it. The SC wheel is vertical toe is 3/4 and lean is +1 with me on it so it is off for a test ride. One of the rear mount set screws is stripped out and I am not sure how I will get it out. i am running 10lb in the shocks which is max for a solo rider and thats what owners manual suggested.

For touring I use 55 psi. 180# driver and a loaded hack.

ok after 50 miles on the highway and backroads it is pretty good. actually a vast improvement from where i started. i think a little more lean out but i need to ride it more as coming on the hard right freeway exit i had a little pucker doing 25.

Some ballast behind the seat will help your laundry bill on those off camber right turns.
Remember slow before the turn and throttle out off the turn.


ok around town on city and back roads it tracks true for the most part under 50mph.  On the super slab it pulls to the right a little but not unmanageable. If I stayed in the left lane it tracked straight in the right lane it wants to go in the right median. Do you adjust yours differently for lots of highway riding? Or find the best compromise? I guess that is where the electric lean would be great. Too bad HD never did that.