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Harley Sidecar Manual

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I could realy us the Sidecar Manual. I just attached a Texas Sidecar to my 09 Road King and I need help. Whomever you are THANKS

I can email it to you but it will be of no use unless you are mounting a Harley Sidecar. I do need an email address because it is a very large pdf file

Please send to
Capt Jon 8488

Capt Jon....The Harley Manual as Joyce mentioned will not really apply across the board to your combination. Mounting system is different and the harley sidecars had a rigid suspension. Still a decent read fro you but not gospel by any means.
Feel free to give me a call if you wish I would be glad to try and help by phone. (570) 837 5120 Freedom .No, I won't try and sell you a bunch of stuff just willing to help if possible.
You may also want to call Bob Darden at Texas sidecars.(903) 640-2149. Say hello from Claude if you do 🙂

See us on facebook FREEDOM SIDECARS

I have a couple Harleys but am looking for a sidecar for my 2003 Ultra and would TREMENDOUSLY appreciate having this manual ahead of time!!!

If anyone can help me out please use this email:

Thanks in advance!!!!

I'm new to the sidecar game. I just found a H-D sidecar for my Road King and would love to have a pdf copy of the service manual. Please email to


Hey, Joyce
Please send to

Please send.

I would love a copy of the PDF too.

I have a 2009 H-D FLHP (road king police) I want to add a TLE to. Will also be looking for a TLE to add preferably the police TLE.

I'm thinking about adding a TLE Ultra to my 2011 Ultra Classic. If it's still available, a copy of the PDF will be useful.

Thank you,


I am in dire need of a copy pdf version of the sidecar manual for a harley ultra classic Sidecar with amp and speakers. The sidecar is a 2003 anniversary edition could someone PLEASE email me a copy or send me a link. Here is my email addy
Thanks so much

I have the manuals but on my shelf not on line. let me know if you cant find the info on line.


Would it be possible to scan the pages with the wiring diagrams and email it to me?

I will try to do that this week end. I have several manuals. I dont have a scanner but I will find some way to get it to you.


Thank you very much

i sent it to your email hope you got it


When did you send it? Nothing yet


Got them. Thank you very much
Now looking for someone that has a manual for sale 2nd hand for a 2003 sidecar
I answered your email.

There are quite a few for sale on eBay. Lowest price I saw was about $35.

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