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Harley Sidecar Manual

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New Memeber here,
Hello I am contemplating a sidecar rider 30+ yrs sidecar 0 minutes 😮 Could use a copy got a 99 FLHTC would be nice to know what I am in for,sounds like a guy gots to know guessing could be a HUGE mistake.
Thanks in advance, E-Mail scootaro ( @at) (remove ( at) please 🙂

Got it Thank-you !!!

I have had my side car for over 30 years and put less then 5000 miles on it ..mostly around the island and a couple of runs to Calgary and see someone cover most of the states and rack up untold miles ..amazes me..

Hi..Id like a copy emailed to me please..

if you have time I would greatly appreciate a copy of the manual. I found a 06 Road King with matching 06 TLE... love it... more driving on it than my Ultra... may need a newer larger hack???? but that is later...

thank you...

If the offer is still good, I just got a 96 FLHR with a 96 Harley side car and would appreciate a copy.


Please send me tha Harley Sidecar manual if it wouldn't be too much trouble. Thankyou!

Hopefully these manuals are still available. If it's not too much trouble, please send a copy to: Thanks!

I would very much like this sent to me, if it is not too much trouble.

I would greatly appreciate a copy of the Harley manual if it is still available.

Kinda late but since the thread is still going...i'd like a copy, send to:

Hi, if the offer is still good, I would appreciate a copy also, Thanks

If this is still out there to be had, please send me one to: as I just got me a 2003 Ultra with sidecar. Thanks much!!

please send trying to put a mag 0n 98 hack

sorry about that

I could use a copy if anyone is still sharing.

Could anyone send me a copy? planning to do some project with my Sporster.
Thank you

the manual only works for touring frames. softail, sportser, or dyna frames you are on your own. there IS a manual for fxr frames but those are the rarest


Ok Timo482 can you still send it? I ppreciate it.

i dont have the online version - i have the printed version for my sidecar and bike. there is a pdf version floating around


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