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Harley Sidecar Manual

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Harley sent me a PDF Manual that is listed as an 07 through 2010. The manual dates back as far as 1999 and covers pretty much of everything. Forum members needing this are welcome to contact me and I'll email it to them. Stay safe out there.

That would be nice email is

thanks for the down load. i have a 06 bagger with a 98 sidecar with updated sealed 3/4 bearings and disk brakes, seems more info is always better, thamks a lot

Thanks I just got a new to me '07 Ultra with an '08 car. Still very low on the up hill side of the learning curve. Thanks again.

double thanks for the pdf i just wrote down a bunch of part numbers from the book as the way they changed the brake resivoir will make changing the oil filter a breeze and now to check out the lower bottom brace that was added under the frame for strength need to see if that will fit the 06 it started in 07, off to the dealer, thanks again

You're more than welcome guys.

That would be great if I could get it for my 2003 ultra tle, please send to
hog13@live .com

I'd also like an email copy. Thanks.

I too would like to have the pdf file of the manual. Thanks!

Thanks for the offer. I collect these manuals so I can help people out when they ask a question.
Please send the PDF to


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