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Harley owners - would you like to ride farther?

Hello everyone,

My name is Duane and I'm doing a little market survey here. I just checked web prices for surveys and decided this might be the next best thing. Tell your friends if this might be of interest.

I'm trying to gauge the market for a new accessory that will nearly double the range of your Harley sidecar rig. It is a new auxiliary fuel tank that adds approximately four gallons to your total fuel capacity without a loss of storage space and in a way that is hardly noticeable. I'm also interested in the market price sensitivity...Starting at a base price of around $500.00 for the complete kit, what would be your level of interest? I'll add that installation can be accomplished in about two hours with simple hand tools - no welding required. The tank will fit all models of Harley sidecar from 1938 to present. You folks running shovelheads or modified motors should be really interested!

My company is Cycle Innovations and I'm looking to bring a line of sidecar-based products to market. Your responses here will help me formulate my manufacturing plans and get my little venture off the ground!

Thanks for your asstance!


Not all harley riders put harley hack on their rigs, I have a Champion escot on a 08 Ultra Classic, can't afford the MOC! I would very much be interested in be able to add a few gallons, 500 is a little steep, but you get what you pay for and if you want to play sometimes you have to pay.

Hello turtleman57,

Champion makes a great looking sidecar, as do a number of other manufacturers. I have a buddy who has a Velorex on his '09 FXDWG. I am researching how I can modify my tank design to be used with other manufacturer's rigs. I targeted the Harley rig first because that is what I have for an available platform on which to do my mock-ups. I tossed out the $500 price tag as a starting point to gauge the interest, not as a final selling price. On the other hand, if I am going to sell a complete kit, that would include everything necessary for a complete install. Another option I was considering was selling a set of plans and instructions from which people could fabricate their own tanks, brackets, etc.

I'm going to be road-testing my Harley prototype in June with a cross-country ride. I'll take a look at the Champion set up over the next couple of days and see if I can come up with something that will meet my original design goals for your rig.


Is this a transfer tank where it refills the stock tank on the go or a total reserve type system?
We have done both over the years as 'one off' builds.
Is the tank located under the sidecar or elsewhere? Is it baffled? Foam filled? Filtered? Bladder?What is it made of? Does the mounting system provide some type of skid plate if it is under the sidecar. Rubber isolators? Is an electric fuel pump utilized?
Tell us more 🙂

Well, we just ordered a fuel cell from The Hot Rod Company. It hasn't arrived but:1 of RCI12050A RCI Aluminum Fuel Cell - 12" x 12" x 8" 5-gallon $168.95. It will fit in the back of the Ural sidecar. For a $500 investment it would have to be pretty special.

Joyce - 4/17/2010 8:31 PM

Well, we just ordered a fuel cell from The Hot Rod Company. It hasn't arrived but:1 of RCI12050A RCI Aluminum Fuel Cell - 12" x 12" x 8" 5-gallon $168.95. It will fit in the back of the Ural sidecar. For a $500 investment it would have to be pretty special.

Make sure it is vented well Joyce. If fumes develope they may 'vent' themselves 🙂
'Jaz' makes some inexpensive units that work well in many applictions.
There are also the spun aluminum fuel tanks that come on various sizes.
Here is one source:

Couple of pics attached below. Lots of options.
Safety must be paramount though.

Attached files

Duane are you still out there? We didn't mean to come across wrong here and scare you off. Talk to us.

I just installed an Aux Tank on my wife's Trike. it works great. I'm going to order one soon for my Harley, as the Sidecar is being attached this week. I bought the one for my wife at (Tour Tank) just enter it cost $ 189.00 and holds 3 gal. mine will cost $ 199.00 and hold 4 gal. I was impressed with the quality of the tank, and its baffeled. mounts are also included...

I attached a stainless steel tank hidden inside a leather sissy bar bag. It is vented into the bikes fuel vent and also plumbed directly into the fuel system. It is made out of 8" stainless steel pipe has a baffle to prevent backsplash out of the nozzel. We welded a fuel filler from and equinox suv to the top and welded stainless plate onto the ends. we pressure tested it to make sure there were no leaks. I hid it into a large leather bag and have it bolted directly to the sissy bar mounts. It holds 11 litres and I get 140 km out of it. It probably isn't legal because it isn't tested by united laboratories ( or a regulating body ) but it is a far site better that a little red jerry can!

I still have a 1 gallon jerry can I take along on trips..and a 1 quart can that sit's in my saddle bag all the time ..500 way ..180..that's what I spent putting a bosstr tank on the trike..