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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Dave USCA president

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A Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Dave.

Hope you had a great one also.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with family and or friends.  Say - did you happen to see Al Rokor in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade riding on a sidecar rig.  It made my heart go pitty pat.


Will Short

USCA Ex-President

I wasn't really paying attention to the parade, but caught a glimpse of the rig.  It appeared to have a rear-facing seat behind the sidecar and also on the left side of the bike.  I wonder who the owner is, and if they have a USCA membership.  :^)

Anyone have a photo of that rig they can post?


CCJon- could probably find it with a Google search. Lets see here.... No luck. Found one of him with helmet and gloves on but no sidecar. Maybe someone will have better luck.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Happy Thanksgiving has a double ironic taste this year. (i just wrote a letter to Ministry of health, giving thanks to them for delaying and creating unnecessary paperwork for over a month and expose me to an eventual fee for something they messed up....)

Be calm these days and enjoy to be together with the family and friends... You do not know what comes tomorrow.



Photo: above the clouds there is still light

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The Al Rokor rig was the common configuration for a camera bike.  It's a platform on the right side of the bike with a forward swivel seat for the camera guy and a second seat at the back that's usually occupied by a director or a sound man.  Of course that changes when the shot calls for it.  A common variation is the addition of speed rail around the perimeter.  It's normal for the bike to have really big panniers that contain batteries and sometimes up link equipment.  Doug Bingham was the king of this sort of rig having built and operated many for the movie industry.

If the new crop of electric bikes had more power and range they would be ideal for this application, no exhaust and very little sound.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota