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Happy New Year

Take a ride today.

Quote from dave on January 1, 2019, 3:51 am

Take a ride today.

Gonna try to get out for a brunch ride before the football games start today, and enjoy some black eyed peas & cabbage later today.

Wishing all a healthy & joyful new year,


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Happy New Year.  Probably won't ride today as it is 4 degrees at 11:00 AM.  Maybe next Saturday when it is supposed to be into the 40s.   ???

It looks like someone beat me to the punch - again.  But Happy New Year anyway.

I have two reasons for not riding today.  The weather here is about the same as in Iowa.  It was below zero last night and the snow is drifted up in the driveway. We will be experiencing warmer weather later this week too but I woke up feeling yucky.  I am feeling some better but not good enough to get on a cold sidecar and go for a ride.

Anyway - have a wonderful and blessed New Year.


Happy New Year all.... I won't be riding today. Temp mid 20's, our road is mostly ice to get out to where the pavement had been plowed so would be dry. But the main reason is I've passed the point of riding just to prove a point even if just to myself. Petey would be willing, me not so much. Petey didn't understand why we didn't make our daily trip into the post office this morning. At least he's at the point he'll go stand by the car and wait for me to open the door instead of jumping in the sidecar. Spring is coming. Should be here within six months or so...

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Will get another ride in latter today.


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Happy New Year to all.  Looks like 3 in. of rain today and more tomorrow. 4 miles of mud road just to go to town.  Hope to see all of you in Idaho.


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