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Hannigan windshield

I have a Hannigan Astro 2+2. Anyone have an Idea for a smaller windshield than stock?

I spoke to Hannigan this morning and they don't offer one. What they offer is a cooler package.

When full Summer hits, here in Arizona I will be able to bake bread in the Hack.

Bill Draper made his own, not an Astro, but the same type wrap around windshield that he made more upright. Contact him at  You might also consider pop vents If yours does not have the side Windows that open, Draper cut them out on his other rig and made zipper windows.

I have a 2001 Hannigan GT which according to Hannigan is the same as the current 2+2. My wife prefers the top on due to sun/skin issues so I modified the side of the windshield by cutting openings and making zip down windows from convertible top window material. I also made a snap off sunroof with solar screen insert so the top can stay on and allow a lot of air movement. Will try and post pics or if you email me will be glad to share.

Bill D.

I also have a Astro Sport that I made a new windshield from lexan and a custom top for more interior room, but this is a little more involved.

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The pics of the GT will not upload, email me.


Email sent.