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Hannigan SP2 sidecar on a 2018 Wing

Just had a Hannigan SP2 sidecar put on my new GL 1800 tour. It is the first one that Hannigan has done. Really want to compliment Dave, Ruth Ann and their team for the many long hours they spent working out the configurations. It was a challenge. The new frame, canbus system and other design changes presented particular challenges.The combo runs very well. EZ Steer would be a nice addition when I’m ready to dedicate the bike. For now I will work with the new Honda steering system and work (muscle) my way through the curves. So far, I am very pleased with the combo and performance. It’s a lot to get used to and i’ll Keep you posted. Thanks

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Beautiful rig!

FYI, we have worked out the concept of how we are going to modify the steering on the new GL and in another post have posted that the first person who buys a sidecar from us for the new GL and has us install it we will do the steering modifications for free as we intend to tool off of it for production. We already make steering modifications for the BMW K1600GT which has pretty much the same type of front end.
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Thanks Jay. as far as I know this is the first sidecar on a 2018 Wing. The bike is a fantastic machine to ride. I haven’t made the mod yet because i’m Not ready to dedicate the bike. Also, Seattle is way too far to go for an ez steer. I’m sure you’ll get a taker.