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Hannigan Sidecar

I recently purchased a Hannigan Side car for my 2001 Honda Gold Wing at the factory in Murray, KT. Love the car but having problems with the trunk and inside passenger latch. I called them 3 weeks ago to get a fix. I was told to bend a part to see if that would fix it. Did not. Has anyone else had a problem with this company service after the sale?

Doesn't sound like a service problem to me. They offered a suggestion, if that did not solve the problem why not call them again and see what they have to offer. Keep us informed and let us know how it works out for you.

Regards, Paul

I did but had to send yet another email to get someones attention. Looks like I will be getting a call from them this Monday. The service probelm is with the way the inside latche is installed and fastened to the car itself. Very bad design and install.

Fibre glass and hinges always are dificult to combine.
Make up some fotos and a better description of the problem and there will be quite a few persons here who will give you a tip how to resolve it..
I guess that is more constructive.
Best regards

From your description I really have no idea what sort of problem you're having, so can only suggest that you explain it better and help us understand.

As for service after the sale, they aren't the best at returning emails, but when my ECC failed in upstate NY Dave K spent half an hour with me on the phone walking me thru troubleshooting steps. It was nothing we could fix on the road, so the dog and I limped back home to Vermont. When we got there a couple days later a replacement ECC unit was on the porch waiting for us.


This is more of a design flaw than a service problem. The latch setup could use revamping on a couple of models I've worked with.


That's my thoughts exactly. I am going to suggest this to them when I talk to the person or persons in charge tomorrow.
I appreciate your reply.

I think JUNIOR is the person u need to ask for. He sold me a new Hannigan2+2 for my 03 Ultra in January of this year. I have two older 2+2 on 2 goldwings also.
I need to call him also, as I have water coming in,when it rains.
They did such a great job matching it up to my two tone anniv colors, that most people ask if Harley made the sidecar!

I've had nothing but great communication with them any time I call with a question. Always very helpful AND very truthful.

So, as others have asked, what is the problem you're having???

I am haveing trouble with the inside passanger latch staying latched. It is not built or attached to the side car with the same quality that was put into the rest of the side car. The rear trunk latch is much better but will only stay latched when locked. That is my problem.
Thanks 🙂
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