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Extremely. Disapointed in the experience with HANNIGAN!

Last week picked up my new 2017 Indian Vintage Chief and the sidecar. Here is my tale of woe:
1. While in the Hannigan shop they dented the front fender - had to be painted. This cost me a day of travel and the
extra expense.
2. Damage to the chrome instrument cover - requires a new cover
3. They screwed the Cruise Control didnt work
4. They stripped the gas tank bolt and the tank rattles like a bucket of bolts
5. Poor paint prep - deep sratches painted over
6. Interior upholstery wrinkled and just looks like crap

I came to HANNIGAN because I thought they offered a quality build - Saddly not the case!

Here are some photos:

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Sorry to hear that. I have a dealer here who prefers to work with someone else, as well. I'm not sure of the reasons, he doesn't want to dis them, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything that bad. Everyone has a bad day, hopefully that was theirs and they're usually not like that, but it's sad that it happened to you even if it was a one time occurrence. That sort of word of mouth gets around pretty quickly in such a small community, I don't know if you've noticed, but I've seen 3 or 4 registered users here with over 90 guests. People interested slightly in sidecars come here, your post WILL be seen. Hopefully you're all taken care of to your satisfaction.

Thank you for your interest and comments; however at this point after paying north of $34,000 cash, just rather lick my wounds and buy another GS, have Claude build a rig again. HANNIGAN did say they will fix most of the Issues; however dont know how they can fix the paint and the upholstery since I am 1200 miles from their shop.

Frankly so disgusted rather sell it then be reminded of this experience!

Looking for $29,600.

Sorry to hear that. Have you asked Hannibal if there is a dealer near you to take it to? I have/had a couple of problems with mine. Two of them I was able to fix myself. I'm not sure about the third one (seat heater not working) but figure I'll head by there someday and they can fix it. Unfortunately, they don't have a dealer here in California.

Yes, I have had several conversaions and to their credit they say they will take care of the isssues.
Well first, why can't the rig be built RIGHT THE FIRST TIME?! So, now if they will rectify the issues
will they pay for the expenses and the inconvienience? It is a damn hasstle! Should not have happened.

Waiting to hear from Dave Hannigan. I thought HANNIGAN had a stellar reputation.

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I went to the Indian after 42 years riding BMWs. The last several on the 12GS and a great sidecar Claude built. Had to sell it because of a major loss. Was without a bike for eighteen months. And as you know - gotta have a bike!

My father rode Indians back in the ‘20s. Looked at the new GS; but then I saw the Indian. Thought I might give it a putt.

Like the DMC and the Hanniigan sidecars. Went with Hannigan simply because they were closer and did hear they had a good rep. That is why, with what I had heard of them, was so disappointed and maddend by what they delivered!

I’ll give them a shot at fixing the issues.

I do love the look of the rig. The photo of the train below looks as if the same time period of the ‘40s.

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I saw your posts about your rig. I'm actually considering a very similar setup, 2014 Indian Chief with Hannigan Sidecar. I went to test drive it and noticed the tank was wobbling back and forth while riding. It looked too loose to me, but I also don't know Indians so I considered maybe it is just mounted that way. How much movement did the tank have on your bike? On this one it was swinging back and forth with any or vibration.

I also found that the electric tilt pushed up on the body panel between the sidecar body and the sidecar wheel fender so that the paint was cracked. I discovered this when I adjusted the tilt through it's full range of travel, heard a thud at the lower position, looked over and saw a bulge in the body panel. There's a nice spider web of paint cracks there.

I can't say I looked closely at the upholstery, but I think I will now.

Did Hannigan fix your issues?

Spoke with Dave Hannigan yesterday. To his credit, yes they are stepping up to see all the issues are fixed; although
As to the paint issue wants me to send the trunk lid back to them to paint, says it is cheaper then paying a local shop. That may be; but a bit of a hasstle. To the upholstery, we are still discussing a solution. I suggested Pick it up, repair it, deliver it back - cost around $3,000. Or, pay to have a local shop repair/replace. I will get them an estimate.

To your other issues, I have no knowledge.

OK, Hopefully all is on the mend. Read abou it a the blog

I had wheel hub assembly bearings failing every 7-10k miles. Felt I was talking to people who were making educated guesses. The replacement bearing they sent me literally fell into the hub with no pressure. I was ripped and sent a scathing email. It was answered by Richard, a man with the patience of a saint. He had me ship them the entire hub assembly. The issue was found, the hub remanufactured to spec, and it was shipped back to me. Total cost $0.00 - despite the fact the rig was eight years old and had 85,000 miles on it.


Yes, I too have found Dave Hannigan to br a “straght shooter”. Stepped right up and taking care of the issues.
Good to run into honorable people!