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Hannigan dual sport with Freedom Sidecars frame, etc

I've decided to go a different direction with my 2010 GS/Hannigan rig and would like to sell all but the motorcycle. I just took the time to disassemble the components. Rig was built up by Freedom and is low mileage (around 8K miles). Would like $6500 for all. Once again...motorcycle is not included...looking at BMW info seems that the 2010 thru early 2013 GS' are the same. No issues with any of it.  Has Claude's anti-sway bar; trail reducer for front forks; rear wheel for car tire; electric camber control.....

I think it was assembled in 2015.

Located about 90 miles SW of Indianapolis IN.

Questions/more pics? Please use:

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That looks like a sweet deal including the steering mod and the car pusher.  Wow.

My only thought (being the owner of a 2008 BMW GS rig) is that if it fits a 2010, I would expect it to bolt right up to the previous gen which is 2008 and 2009.  If not, minor tweaking would be the most I'd expect to be needed.

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Thanks Drone and, even if it did not bolt right up as you could be modified pretty readily...I'd guess Claude would take on the project... (as well as other reliable fabricators....Texas Sidecar....)

sidecar is sold


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