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Hannigan 2+2

Did you add a screen to the scoop? Wouldn't want the Mrs to be sharing the ride with any hitchhiking bees! 😀

Thought about it but never did. I may put a screen over the PVC back inside the scoop

I took your idea and added a front scoop to my rig as well. I didn't glass it to the body like yours and mine is smaller. like you a drilled a 3" hole in the body and bought a drain valve for an RV gray tank and bolted it to the inside of the car, this way the rider can just reach under the dash and pull the handle to open the vent, they can adjust the amount of air flow also. I did put a screen in the scoop to prevent the possible stinging visitor
My Wife loves it, she said it made a world of difference in air flow inside the car

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If your going to the Sidecars in the Smokies I see you there. I live in Andrews NC so we don't stay at the Lodge, we travel back and forth each day.

we are going to be there, had a great time last year.

OK we'll see you, I"ll look for your rig. I lived in Savannah from 1973 to 1998, Oat land Island and Wilmington Island.

sounds good
we live south of Sav in Midway. I have been here since 1996

We have a 98 wing with the 2+2. Have considered making a soft top for it. Wife is 5ft 7", and with helmet on, top is just a tad tight. She prefers the top off anyways, would like a soft top for the shade. Love the rig combo though, handles well, and is comfy. Do not figure on sitting in saddle for long periods. At 70 mph, generally gets 25mpg= 140 miles to tank. Get it, make it yours!

making a trip to Louisville to do just that "MAKE IT MINE"... Can't wait... Thanx for the input

Will be there also. Will be on the grey k12 rig - great rally - great facility!