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Hannigan 2+2

i'm considering buying a Wing with a Hannigan 2+2 hack. I have had 3-sidecars previously, and Velorex, Urai, and a California. Can someone share how the rig handles with the hard top. Is the inside of the sidecar get hot for the rider? Do they make a soft top for the rig? Can it be ridden without the top? any other thoughts on the handling of the rig or other insight would also be appreciated.

Thanx for your input.

I don't think a roof on an outfit this large would make that much difference to handling. No two given sidecars will handle alike it will handle strangely like all sidecars. The inside gets hot for the passenger the rider stays cool in the breeze. There is an optional fan and also an ice filled cooler (AC not quite and melts quickly) available. The top is removable and is stored in a bag behind the seat. I imagine any boat canvas guy could make a soft top if one isn't available. Why not see the Hannigan website or contact them for info.

I have two hannigan chairs. The Astro sport was tight for the passenger so I made a custom hardtop and windshield with a sunroof that gave them more room. I also have a 2+2 that I have added side windows that zip down and or remove (build thread on under hacks-Here I go again) I do not think the hardtop makes a difference in handling, however the 2+2 / K12LT is a larger and heaver rig and is nicer on long distance interstate travel. The R11 / astro sport has done well on the same roads but it is lighter and has less room. Both handle well but it is like the difference between a sedan and a big luxury car.

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Thank you for the excellent input... I can clearly see where the 2+2 has more room than the astro. which is what i need. sometimes it will be 2 grandkids, than at other times it will be grandma and a grandkid. I have just about talked myself into getting this seems like a good set up.

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Very nice looking rig.

97 1500 SE Motorvation II sidecar USCA # 8913 Double Dark Side # 1522 Goodyear Fuel max 175/60 R16 PILOT ACTIV 130/70 18

Looks good to me, I'm sure you will enjoy it! 🙂

I have seen the mod on ADV, how was the airflow in summer before the mod?
I like the big Astro, I even drove from Miami to Daytona to try and see one in person, no luck, I saw several Hannigans including the GTL, not the Astro 2 +2.
I am hesitant to pull the trigger on one because of the heat here. I am afraid the passenger(s) will roast in traffic.
Anybody has one around south Florida that I can see in person?

Would something like this help keep your monkey happy? No, not getting personal here! 😀

I'm tinkering with a DIY version with a larger "evaporator coil" in the form of a vest. It should work as a personal heater too, should your ventures take you North.

Actually I bought the big boy in October and just got it on the road several weeks ago but I can tell you my wife would not ride it in the summer without the window modification. Before the mod on the sport we got back from a weekend trip and she said no go. She likes to keep the top on as it keeps the sun off her face as she has had issues. With the open windows, the fresh air vent, and the blower fan it is like riding in a car without ac. Not ideal but when we travel in hot weather we leave early and try to stop for the day mid afternoon before the oppressive heat. The swamp coolers do not work very well in the south east with the high humidity. The nice thing is she rides most of the time without gear, other than a helmet and probably stays cooler than me. In cooler weather with an electric blanket and gear she is very comfy which extends our riding season. We do travel some long distances and she much prefers the rig over riding behind. After riding behind me for almost 30 years she switched to the rig 9 years ago and will not move back, but we still ride! She reads, listens to music and takes naps.