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Handlebar width

I have a 1995 R1100RS with 7/8 inch bars that are 27 inches wide. I need wider bars, and I do have cable slack that will allow me to go wider. I also want to move them back and up for a more vertical posture. I might end up with bar risers for that, or maybe I can find a bar that helps. My major question, what width bars are you guys using? Any suggested bars? I do want to keep my wrists in a natural position.

I have looked in the archives and did not find an answer to this question.


First off, you have 22mm bars, not 7/8.  Yes it's a tiny difference but if you start thinking in SAE and talk to suppliers in SAE you'll go astray.  Most classic BMW bars will exchange with yours.  Mark Hugget [] lists two bars that would give you the leverage you want but remember even with slack, you very likely will need longer cables.

32 71 2 072 028 Handlebar for sidecar motorcycles, R51/2 - R67/3 49.00
32 71 2 072 200 Wide handlebars ( Seitenwagen / Sidecar ) 72.42

Mark is in Switzerland but many of us have ordered parts from him and he's one hundred percent reliable.  You might even get a bar of Toblerone chocolate packed in with your order.

Pretty much everything that Mark has in Switzerland is available in the US from Bench Mark Works in Sturgis, MISSISSIPPI.  Craig Vechorik is a legend in vintage BMW circles.  His crew will answer just about any question and they can probably tell you not only how wide the two "sidecar bars" are but what bars you might substitute.

Good Luck!



Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota