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Looking for a GS or comparable sidecar rig. Hoping for Leading Link, wheels with auto tires, HD car.....ural etc etc.........Preferably 100 HP minimum....(no airheads unless really well sorted ), Want something well sorted out for a trip into South America. Some offroad stuff..........low gearing........mostly pavement but the potholes can be deep
I know it's a longshot to find something like this in USA and I would consider something to start as a baseline and complete myself. I am based in DC area but am willing to travel to any point in USA even Alaska for the right rig. Please email if you have something or even a lead for me

slacker - 6/23/2014 1:07 PM

Looking for a GS or comparable sidecar rig....

Follow this lead:

Or this lead:

Lee Summer Grove, LA R1100GS/CSM Sidecar, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L

We have built over 500 GS type rigs and can build you any thing you could possibly want. We can either build it here or crate it up and send it to you. We build 4 different sidecars popular for this. Our M72B, M72D, M72DX and Expedition sidecars. We have automotive wheels, steering modifications and pretty much any thing else you could want. Our "demo" bike is almost done being built and will be for sale after the BMW national next month. It is a 2014 R1200GSA (water cooled) with one of our Expedition sidecars on it. The trick thing on this bike is that we widened the front end, reduced trail and then set it up such that it runs the BMW GSA rear wire spoke wheels in all three positions and also set up where it can either have an in board saddle bag or a spare wheel where the saddle bag would other wise be as one wheel fits all three positions. This bike is also set up with both a front and a rear facing WARN winch. The body of the sidecar and bike are out for paint getting a custom 2 tone paint so no photo's as of yet. The bike has at this time under 5 miles on it. It can also run 3 automotive tires instead of the motorcycle tires. We are showing it with Motorcycle tires. $48,000
We will have a second bike at the BMW national which is also for sale. It is a 2003 F650 single with our M72B sidecar painted red. $8500
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Thanks for all the leads guys. I think the V-Strom rig looks interesting and have sent an email to the seller via craigslist messaging. I like the fact that it is chain/sprocket driven vs shaft (for regearing , although I know it's more maintenance)........and the car tires on two wheels already......would only need to adapt the front wheel on the leading link...........
I have never owned a Suzuki (I have BMW's including a 1981 R100 EML Rig, some Guzzis, /2's, a Ducati 860 GT ) but am sure they live up to the reputation of other Japanese it only has 5,000 miles?..........105 HP...........water cooled..............
I have never responded to a Craigslist before and hopefully the email option works well and I will hear from the seller soon..........will update the thread when I talk to seller.........

BTW, BMW GS bikes are easy to change the gear ratio on. For the R1100/1150GS we run the final drive out of the R850R. For the R1200GS (not water cooled) we run the final drive out of the for Europe police duty R900. We have not worked out (or even looked into it yet) what options are made for the water cooled GS.
We find that often car tires on the front are not all that nice unless they are very narrow ones like on your EML rig which of course their are few places that carry the 125, 135 and 145 15 that the EML rigs ran back then. Often we find the ride better with a rear motorcycle tire on the front.
What we run on the front of the V strom rigs is what we call "leading" legs which bolt to the bottom of the fork like in this photo of a V strom with our M72D sidecar
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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