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Griffith Park Sidecar Rally

Griffith Park Sidecar Rally
Sun Oct 11
8:30 AM

5 days left

Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round Parking Lot 2
4668 Crystal Springs Dr., (This is the closest address to the Merry-Go-Round lot. Follow the posted signs from this point.), Los Angeles, CA (map)
Everywhere we go...People wanna know....WHO we we tell them!...Our annual Griffith Park Sidecar Rally acts as our club's membership drive

I will be there, heading out Thursday morning.

Looking forward to seeing you. We, the SoCal Sidecar Club should have a little booth set up come and say HI.

I will make it a point to stop and say hello.

Was a good time albeit a tad warm in Griffith Park this year with lots of sidecar rigs on view.

Handing out U.S.C.A. brochures and magazines.


Thanks for the pictures! How is Doug doing?

I hear he is holding his own Al. They did a Skype link to Doug at the rally for those who wanted to talk with him.