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Greetings from north central Tennessee

New to the Ural and sidecar world. Been riding motorcycles for nearly 40 years. Finalizing my purchase of 2007 Ural Gear Up. 2 Wheel Drive. Stock searchlight. Stock Woodland Camouflage paint. Stock Luggage rack and Spare tire. Fuse block with 2 open slots for accessories, 12v cigarette outlet. Spare Jerry Can and Shovel (just in case). Side Car Tonneau cover.

Looking for Training classes, other sidecar (Ural) riders and beginning recommendations?

Thanks! Keep the rubber side down!

Welcome! I'm not a Ural guy myself but their owners seem to have a lot of fun with them. Take a look at and too. There is a lot of Ural information on both those forums, as well as this one.

Welcome to the world of Sidecaring. I have a 06 Gear Up and am in Fla. Where are you?

You can find information on all S/tep (sidecar trike education program) at this link
The book "Driving a sidecar outfit also has good information white horse press sells the book as do we. We sell if for $34.95 it covers more items then the "Ural" training book as there is more information on off road riding including several photo's of my wife and I off road on a KLR / DMC Enduro sidecar.
Jay G
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