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Grandfather Photos

I hope this works. Here is a link to some photos from the National Rally.

Great pictures Joyce.We had a great time and are home safe.
Thanks for being so nice to Patti and I.We had a great time.
LaMonte and Patti from Florida!

I'm glad you are home safe. I got to meet a bunch of folks that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. It was a beautiful area and I'm glad that there were a bunch of FL sidecarists who made the trip.


Me too! Clarissa and I made it back Monday afternoon, about 1230, and Hall checked in shortly thereafter that he was home and safe. Always good to be home, but the rally and the folks were great. A special
THANKS to Todd and his group for all of the work that they did to pull this off. No small effort on their parts. Having gotten up to Boone the Saturday before the rally, we had lots of time to explore the area and once again fell in love with the roads. Planning on going back again this fall for the color like we did last year. Maybe visit the central part of the state as well. Thanks to all for the memories.

Jim and Clarissa
Coconut Grove

Hey, Jim, Richard, Joyce, and anybody else around. I apologize for not posting since returning from the Rally, but I've been a bit under the weather. The LAST 40 miles of my ride home, last Monday, was in a real Florida Thunderstorm. By the time I got to the first underpass on the toll road (FL417) I was already soaked and, worse, thoroughly chilled. I put the rain gear on to try to stop the chilling and I'm sure it helped, but I woke up the next morning with the grandaddy of all colds. I'm just pulling out of it, now, and promise that I'll get some ride stuff posted on here, soon, with maybe a picture or two.