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Go to first unread post?

Is there a way to go to the first unread post in a thread? I'd rather not have to scroll through the entire thread to get to the new posts.

At the moment your best option is to go to the "Activity" button in the top menu bar.  That will show you all the items that are recent ranked by time, most recent first.  If the icon to the left of the post is blue, you have not read it.  If it is grey, you'll already seen it.  This only works if you are a registered user [you are] and you are signed in.

We've asked for a few changes to the forum from the developer.  So far he has been very helpful and willing.  His concern is that he wants to keep the forum lightweight and easy to use.  BTW, in the next couple of weeks the forum will be moving to it's final hosting and when it does it should be a little faster.  This change over should be transparent to users.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota