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Getting the rig to ride more smoothly?


I have an F6B Goldwing paired with a Hannigan Classic. Install is great, and the unit tracks straight. love the combo and wouldn't trade it. Unfortunately it rides rough on the roads. Feels every and dip! Are there any suggestions for helping to get a more comfortable ride with the rig or is this the "nature of the beast". Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!

Do you have an EZ-Steer or such installed to reduce the trail on the F6B? I ask as we found reducing trail on the tug eliminated much of the "-steer" effect making the handlebars move every time the sidecar tire hits a /pothole, resulting in a less tiring ride, not only from easier steering, but also relief from the handlebar moving with every road imperfection.

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NCGLSidecarist are you riding that sharp red F6B that was at sidecars in the smokies?
do you run with any ballast weight in the car, I have found on my wing it rides much smoother with weight in the car, even 50 lbs makes a big difference in mine
I have been debating on adding the ballast just to smooth the ride down some,

Have not had ezsteer installed yet. It's on my list of "to do's" when I get back. I do run some ballast, about 25lbs. Sounds like ezsteer may solve part of the problem.
Mine was not the bright red one at the rally, that was Foodog from Louisiana! Mine was the dirty black one with mud flaps! Foodog coached me when I was researching sidecars and installers. He always embarrasses me with how clean he keeps his rig. I'm working on getting better at that! just need to stop riding and spend time at home!

I have heard a lot of people say the 1800 really doesn't need an easy steer, something to do with the difference in rake design. I wonder if the F6B is the same
I don't think when I converted mine it made it ride any smoother, if anything it made it more sensitive. For me the only thing that smooths the ride is more weight than just the car itself
also the 1800 and prob the F6B are not known for their comfort, more for the sporty and robust qualities so getting it smooth might be a trick
I would start by adding a little more weight and see how that acts

Thanks, that's an easy fix. I may have become so focused on riding with minimal ballast that I've overdone it. Can raise up to 75 lbs with no problem and see if that improves the performance. The F6b and 1800 are basically the same bike. the B lacks some of the refinements. Foodog told me having ezsteer added did make a difference in steering. Another rig owner at the rally mentioned that you have to be carful because it's easy to over steer with that in place! He said driving a rig is a lot about the "feel"! Keep you posted. Thanks again

Another thing that can help as you are asking about ride quality as much as steering. Changing your rear tire out to an automotive tire will make for a better ride as the automotive tire runs at a lower pressure. It also lasts a lot longer and is cheaper.
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Thanks Jay. already did that and put a rear tire on the front wheel mounted backwards.

Yea, I like living "dangerously"! We're over near Wilmington. Do occaisionally get over to the Blue Ridge. Will give you a Heads up when we're coming your way! Ride safe!

Update! Thanks for all of the suggestions! Tried adding more ballast and the rig seems to ride much more smoothly. I use Harbor freight tolol bags with sand inside loaded in plastic garbage bags. A suggestion I got from Foodog. Each weighs about 30 to 35 lbs. Does anyone have some suggestions on where to place the weight to get the most benefit? I've trunk, passenger seat, behind the seat. I am planning to add the ezsteer as soon as I get the money. Already have an installer lined up! Again thank you!