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General membership meeting 7-29-2017

Election results given: 2 ballots received, 1 for Will Short (President),,1 for George Gorder (SW Director) Ballots were late getting to people . Results from late ballots will be give later.. Will said this will not happen again...
General agreement was this rally was great and the best food ever .Looks like around $1000.profit. Our thanks goes to Rally
Master Jon Daub and NE Director Larry Pocobello and all their helpers...
New treasurer Belinda Sclvaeder was introduced.
2018 Rally to be in Rising Sun, Indiana on June 14-16...Mikel Murray is Rally Master..
Little Farm on the River RV Park is rally sight, the town and area has lots to offer for entertainment..
Advertising almost doubled, KUDOS to Jim DeJarnatt.
Insurance is available for regional and state rallies.. Call Will Short for details.

Talked to JR yesterday.  He said he sent the membership meeting notes (2018) to Will awhile back.  He was kind enough to take them.  Maybe we could see them here?  Along with the election results?

The Minutes of the Meeting was published on RacedisII as was the results of the election.  My records show that it was published 5 months ago.  That would have made it sometime in August.



Hey Will looks like you got deleted to.  must be some top secret stuff that ex presidents should not see. lol

Dave,  recently deleted