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General membership meeting 6-27-015

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J.R. - 6/30/2015 7:37 PM

Most of you are home by now. How about some feedback about the rally. What you liked,didn't like,what could be improved on,etc. Dana is already working on the 016 rally in Hotchkiss Co. I figure he would like some input. Come on guys and gals, speak up or forever hold your piece.
Tex. rep

It was great to put faces to so many names I have read online. The variety of rigs was impressive and motivating.

This was my first USCA national rally so was little surprised there was only one educational session, which was very good by the way. Have been spoiled with BMW national rallies for sure.

Personally I would like to see and attend educational sessions, discussion groups or panel discussions on: Hacking with Dogs, Iron Butting with Sidecars, Going to the Darkside, Headshake Issues, Sidecar Maintenance, Building vs Buying, Fixing Roadside Flats, etc...

Also an advanced Sidecar Riding School or an Off-Road Sidecar School, for a fee of course, would be a welcome offering too.

Rallies are a lot of work in planning and putting on. The Short family did an outstanding job on this one. More volunteers will spread the load and increase attendance too. Looking forward to Colorado next year.

Dana, if you need another volunteer, be glad to help.


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