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Gas Tank Upgrade Completed

 After adding the sidecar, my2018 BMW R1200 GS lacked range. I replaced the 5.25 gallon tank (200 miles) with a 7.75 gallon tank (300 miles) from an R1200 GSA. Of course I had to get new fairing parts to fit the larger tank. I just got it back from the paint shop.

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That turned out great, much nicer than when I saw it in Hotchkiss.


  Looks great.

I am still trying to figure out the best way to add about 2 gallons to mine.

Larger heavier rig at Highway speeds it sucks the fuel. Depending on speed and wind it can get down to 31-35 MPG.

This was in a 100% down pour all the way loaded down good.



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