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From Las Cruces, NM to Hatfield, AR

I'm headed to Changing of the Colors in Hatfield, AR. It's the Christian Motorcyclists Association National Rally. Looking for suggestions for the route I will take as I have never been through this part of the country. Anything interesting I should stop to see? I was thinking about taking the 70 across the bottom of Oklahoma. I don't like major highways. Looking for some good feedback. Thanks a bunch!

Don't Know about 70. But you will have to do the Talimena trail between Talhina OK and Mena AK. it is hyway 88 or skyline trive out of Mena and hyway 1 or Talimena trail out of Talihina OK. It travels on the ridge of a hogs back for about 65 miles. It would make a good day ride out of Hatfield. Harold "Been there" Short

Not sure about a route, but my bride and I will be looking for you at Iron Mountain. We will be riding down to Hatfield from northeast Illinois. Keep an eye out for a dark orange Goldwing with a color matched Hannigan GTL sidecar.

How was the rally out there? Turned out work got in my way and I was unable to make it. God puts us where He needs us.

i'm a chapter officer and have been trying to make colors rally for five years now.maybe next year i can sqeeze a couple days away from the shop to go,they say it's a great time.

Got home from Hatfield Monday night. Had a fantastic time. The weather was beautiful, the services were fantastic, and the riding was great! Had a cold, wet ride home all day Monday. My bride was glad to be closed up in the sidecar. It's all part of the adventure!

This year is my first year as an officer (President). I always make Seasons of Refreshing and the State Rally. When it comes to the National I never seem to get to go. One of these years I'll get there.

Keep lookin' up,


Glad to know You made it safe and that the event was a blessing. Perhaps next year we'll meet.