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From Across the Pond - SYSC Newsletter

Sydelines  157

The journal of the South Yorkshire Sidecar Club

July  2021

What a month June turned out to be. So full of promise. A short notice was given about the “Sheffield Steam” event that we thought had been cancelled way back. Ken Wynn, our member from Bawtry, rang me with the news that the event was on. While on a trip up Yorkshire he got into a conversation with a chap who owned a steam traction engine, who gave him the news.

I then looked it up on the internet, and there it was, scheduled for the 26th-27 June.

A phone call to Pete Ellis, who in turn contacted Bev Beat, the organiser for the event. Tickets were then ordered and were to be kept on the gate, so as to be given to entrants as they turned up. Things were looking good for the first time since October 2019, when we visited Cadwell Park for the vintage races there. If you that went, remembered it was a wash out. So, plenty of us were getting a little excited about finally getting to camp.

Then two days before the event, Something wasn’t to the standard expected by the Rotherham council inspectors. The steam rally was called off. Talk about disappointment, we all were extremely deflated. What were we to do.


It would be a shame if some kind of camping weekend couldn’t be made to happen. I came upon the site at Langsett. I thought it would be ideal. A farm site, it would just suit us. So I booked it. Hoodlands Farm, at Langsett. I must admit that I made a very un Yorkshire like mistake, I forgot to ask the price. £15 per night, per tent. Ouch!!. Not so bad for couples. But for solo campers.?

Anyhow, Friday afternoon was a little grim. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. Most of us went on a ride over the Woodhead Pass to Glossop. Then over the Snake Pass, and then the Strines road and back to base. A great ride around.

Who made it to the camp? Pete Ellis, Mick Harkin, Maurice Horn, Chris Lindsay, John & Pat Procter, Alf Tindall. Chris Wilson, & I.  Also there was some of our new members, John Flitney & Caroline from Maltby, and Michael & Gaye Alexander from Horbury. Good to have you along. There was also some day visitors. These included, Stuart Bidwell, Eric Smallwood & Iris, (thanks for the buns Iris, I only had 1) Audrey & Karen,and Phil Cheswick.

There was just one hiccup. When assembling the gazebo it was discovered that there was no cover. So I along with Phil travelled all of the way back home to check. It was later discovered in the bottom of the sack that contained the curtains.

It must be said that the gazebo has been probably the best investment the SYSC has ever made. Once again on this weekend it was invaluable.

I may have gone on a little with this report, but I think that I am just conveying everyone’s relief at just doing something at last.  Roll on the next one.

I did notice that the Fenton’s also had a camping weekend. This was a family affair, held on a farm site somewhere near on to Buxton. They also had to pay £15 per tent per night. This ,it seems will now be the norm.


One of the Fed advertised events was also cancelled at short notice. This too was due to council protocol. This was the “Engine & Pushchair rally”. John & Pat would have attended this event. They have supported the E&P for a few years now.


Some sad news. A couple from Bradford, Ted & Heather Trent were killed on Friday afternoon while out riding on one of their sidecar rigs. They were in Northumberland attending an event when the accident happened. I personally did not know them, but they were well known on the motorcycling scene. They were members of the Brough club, and the Mayflower club.  R.I.P. Ted & Heather.


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota