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Frame kits

We are coming out with frame kits for the DIY sort. They will be posted on our site latter in the week as we are working on editing photo's and instructions.
The two frames kits will be for the basic kit we are currently selling ready to go which is the same frame we use on our Kenna sidecars. This will be offered with either a trailer type hub or set up for a Harley type motorcycle wheel. We do have an optional fender for the trailer type hub set up.

The second frame is the frame used on our M72B sidecar This will have a 19 inch wire wheel. We can also offer the fender as used on our M72B sidecars.

For either of these frame kits we also offer a brembo brake as an option.

The kits will come with the swing arms welded so as to keep the pivots square with each other as this is best done in the jig. All of the metal will be cut and fitted so all that should be needed is welding up of the frame.

The frames will be made for both right and left side fitment. This really saves on shipping over sending a finished frame especially if it is going over sea's. It can also save on import tariffs again depending on what country it is shipping to.

And of course we also offer the bike side mounting kits as well as all of the bosses, clamps and struts needed to hook up the sidecar.

Jay G
DMC sidecars

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