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Four Cure Autism Now Rides

On September 17th, there will be rides to raise funds for CAN (Cure Autism Now). These will be held in Chicago, L.A. Philadelphia, and San Francisco. Last year we raised about $160,000 here in Chicago and had 1100 riders. It was a 110 mile ride with food and police escorts. There's a chance to win a new HD and lots of raffle items.

For more info, go to

Hey, if you'd like to help me meet my $1000 personal goal again, feel free to go to the "Chicago" tab and then "Donate" and then enter my name "Cress". You'll get my personal "thank you e-mail" 🙂 and I'm sure Luke would thank you too, if he could.

BTW: If you decide to ride in Chicago or one of the other cities, would you let me know? I'd like to still send you a "thank you." And, if you're at the Chicago ride, please look for me and my rig and say "hi."

RonC (aka Sidecar Ron)