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Found one: Sidecar For 99 FLHR - Location California

Looking for a used Sidecar for my 1999 Harley Road King. Would prefer one with correct mounting hardware and in good condition. I am located in the San Francisco Bay area in California, but am willing to possible look in the nearby states.

Thanks, and I can be contacted at: joe (at) joehdavis (dot) net or four 0 eight two 0 two seven 0 six six

We do have one used sidecar at this time that is strong enough to work on your bike. It is a Champion Escort. We could also supply mounts for your bike for most non Harley brand sidecars and or install the sidecar for you. Our new sidecars start at only $3995 with the bike specific mounts and are on sale for the month of May 2014 for 10% off. We may be able to get you into a new sidecar for not much different pricing then a used sidecar. For your bike we also offer triple tree's to lower the steering effort and reverse for the transmission. We are just up the road in the Seattle area.
Jay G
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