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forward, Forward.....then... Reverse !!

Hi Guys:

Been reading everything I can on the Forum and elsewhere. Learned a lot. As a newbie

to the sidecar world I am sure you have dos' and donts' about handling your rig without

a reverse gear. I would be very interested in the " tricks of the trade" along this line.


Welcome to the slightly off-centered world of sidecars, Joe!

Parking without reverse is just common sense. The basic rule is: Don't park with your nose downhill unless you can exit going forward. If a downhill spot is your only option, then back into it so you can pull out forward with engine power.

Pull-thru spots are golden, next would be a slight uphill where you can pull in, then glide out backwards in neutral. Flat parking spots aren't too bad as long as you can Fred Flintstone your rig backwards (pretty easy unless you have leg strength/stability issues). Be careful also to avoid spots where someone could block your exit plan.

As a bike with a sidecar is so much easier to back up then a bike with out a sidecar as you no longer have to worry about it falling down, backing up really is not an issue unless you have physical limitations.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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I have a BMW R1200GSA with a Hannigan hack. Heavy rig, especially when loaded for a cross-country trip. OldSchool is spot on. I can only add that when you don't have to worry about balancing the weight, pushing a loaded rig requires no effort at all. Even on a slight uphill if I need to make a bit of room for another rig I just brace my hip against the pannier and use my legs to move it.


Easy. I just take my daughter along. Have been know to refer to her as BUG (short for back up girl). 😉

Strangest thing, she got her beginner's driving permit today and is already starting to rebel. We may have a full fledged mutiny before it is over.
Guess I'll just have to pay more attention to where I park. 🙁

Mike in MS

BUG and me during the road kill round up last April at the first ever MS Sidecar rally.

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