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Forum recovered

Today is the 27th of September.  On or about 23rd or 24th of September our database was corrupted.  It could have been malware attached to a post or an ad but however it got in I didn't realize it until I saw posts about the Classifieds being "50 years old".  When I checked, all the ads had lost their content and all the poster names were changed to "Guest" and the dates were listed as 50 years ago.

Over the past three days we have been working to recover the site from back ups.  The automatic recovery failed many times.  Today we were able with a lot of help to do a manual recovery and most things are back in place.  SINCE WE HAD TO WORK WITH A BACK UP FROM BEFORE THE PROBLEM OCCURRED, ALL CONTENT POSTED BETWEEN 23 SEPTEMBER AND TODAY WAS LOST. Three days instead of the whole site was a reasonable trade.  If yo made a post in the past three days and you want to re-post, it should work normally.

There is more work to be done but it's going to take a while.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you for that. I missed you guys..

Thank you Al and everyone who worked with you. And good luck with any issues the crop up from this point. It has to be a bit stressful... We out here in cyberspace appreciate what you do. On another note, it seems the riding season has come to an abrupt end here in the great northwest. We're getting an early taste of winter. Well, perhaps it hasn't ended but been postponed for a few days.... Going to a club breakfast in the car this morning.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom