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For the Cozy owners

This is for the large wheel Cozy sidecars...Cozy Sidecar Lowering Kit.Cozy sidecars are reminescent of the well known Seib sidecars of yesteryear. Steib sidecars had a low stance and a great look to them. The Cozy sits very high in stock form. We have recently developed a bolt on powdercoated lowering kit for the Cozy. Included is fender relocation hardware and all the fasteners required. This simple to install kit also provides the abilty to adjust the suspension slightly for ride height and/ or tilt adjustments as sidecar loads change.As an optional bonus there is a ballast package that can be added to the lowering kit for this light weight sidecar.We can also provide a quality universal mounting kit for the cozy sidecar with turnbuckle type e z adjust struts.With these few bolt on modifications you can turn your Cozy into a real eyeopening sidecar that will look great on many different motorcycles.Installation time is minimal. Instructions are included. Click on the photo album prompt on the homepage and go to the album called 'Upgrades to exisiting sidecars'. More pictures will be coming soon.