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For Sale: Repro Royal BW38 boat on an original CETE frame, San Francisco Bay Area, $4500/BO

Offering for sale a World War II era sidecar. Oldtimer Garage indicates that the frame is an original CETE frame, but that the boat is likely a reproduction Royal BW38, which was commonly fitted to BMW R12's and Zundapp KS600's.

  • Body and frame are in primer. No rust.
  • There is a very small, shallow dent in the front of the sidecar. Easy to repair prior to painting.
  • Includes two Ural (I think) wheels, trunk mounted spare wheel carrier, and front mounted pannier carrier.
  • The fender might not be correct.

Pics can be accessed via Microsoft OneDrive by clicking here.

The sidecar was attached to a BMW R12 I purchased, but I prefer having the R12 as a solo bike.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Asking price is $4500/BO. Thanks for your interest.