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SOLD: 2013 F800GS with DMC M72 Sidecar, $15,000

Selling a 2013, BMW, F800GS with a DMC, M72 sidecar installed, located in Carson City, Nevada. The bike has 13,342 miles on it. The rig also has a leading link front suspension with a 17 inch Excel wheel mounted. The 17 inch wheel allows for a wider selection of tires than the original equipment 21 inch wheel provided, as well as improved steering. The history of the rig beyond the past two years is not known. The sidecar and mounting system appears to be from DMC and about ten years ago. The rig belonged to a rider who recently passed away.

Asking $15,000.

The rig has these additional enhancements:

  • Tractive rear motorcycle shock
  • Denali auxiliary lights on motorcycle
  • Laminar Lip windshield addition
  • RotoPax fuel container mounted on sidecar
  • Sidecar windshield
  • Sidecar tonneau cover
  • Interior of sidecar and trunk carpeted
  • Sidecar mounted Baja Designs LED light
  • Sidecar front bumper
  • Sidecar rear luggage rack
  • Rear luggage plate on motorcycle
  • Owner will assist with a fly and ride, or shipping at the buyer's expense

If interested contact email: . Please, interested buyers only. The seller does not monitor this forum, therefore questions must be sent via email.


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Kevin - Team Pterodactyl's Montana Outpost Silver City, Montana

Nice looking Rig- I gather that you are not the owner? Do you have any personal experience driving it ?

Do you have any information regarding the Leading Link front end? (Who designed and built it etc)

Kind Regards- J

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I do not have any personal experience with the rig; I’ve never seen it.  Just trying help the widow of fellow rider.  I did have a retired motorcycle mechanic, who used to live near me and now lives in Carson City, take a look at the rig.  He could not find any identifying marks on the LL.  He said the LL looks well made with good welds.  He was overall impressed with the rig. I poster on ADVRider said he was told by the previous owner that it is a modified/2 LL.  That is all I can personally offer.  

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Kevin - Team Pterodactyl's Montana Outpost Silver City, Montana

Looks like a /2, Earles type leading link with the pivot that far behind the front wheel.

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I asked whether you had any experience driving it because I wonder what it handles like. There has been a fair amount of controversy lately about DMC's work but I know that all of their work was not bad. Some of their Subframes and tubs are actually fairly good. I've owned a few: both good and not so good.  It actually does not appear to be a DMC leading link from the photos but actually a /2 adaptation or copy (Although that would be unusual in my experience).

If I were nearer I would love to take a close look at it.